B2B Portraits offers a variety of professional photography related products and services to meet all your business needs. We provide the high-quality, consistency and security that your company needs.

Top-Quality Portraits
Our 5-Star certified photographers are sure to fit your style with innovative lighting, creative backgrounds and unique poses.

Customized Portrait Program
Our unique seven-step process insures each client receives a customized portrait program tailored to maximize your time and budget. Learn more about our new client process.

Copyright Release
A key feature of the Business Portraits program is the availability of a copyright release. With this, you and your company have the right to use the images in any marketing or public relations material for an unlimited amount of time.

Delivery Options

  • FTP - Secure login and password so you can access your images.
  • CD - Low or high resolution, single or multiple images, created in studio or centrally fulfilled.
  • Pick up at local studio

Dedicated Support

  • Customized appointment scheduler for scheduling sessions
  • Central appointment booking with a toll free number.
  • Assistance with identifying the nearest portrait studio locations.
  • Professional quality assurance of each and every image to ensure accurate color balancing, cropping and file transfer specifications.

Optional Services

  • Prepaid Central Billing - saves your employee time and money.
  • Reporting - monthly statements detailing which employees have participated in your program.
  • Design Services
  • Digital Retouch
  • Marketing Material Design
  • Printing business cards, letterhead, brochures